That After Valentine Sugar Glow

Hope you all enjoyed the weekend in your own way. Even if you’re not fans of Valentine’s Day, I hope you enjoyed the day being good to yourself.

Chinese Meets St. Valentine
I was hankering for Chinese Food all week. After our workout Friday Night, we stopped in at our favorite haunt to get Chinese take-out. It’s fun to meet friends unanticipated at the very moment one makes a decision to turn left. Anyhow, I wrote up a little song about eating Chinese based on the song that Kliban wrote. It was a bit irreverent and probably won’t share it here, but I’ll share Kliban’s ditty:

“Love to eat them mousies; Mousie’s what I love to eat.
Bite they little heads off; Nibble on they tiny feet.”

So, what’s with the Fortune Cookie?
ecs-fortunecookies21I was striving to get a video tutorial of it completed before Valentine’s Day because I think it such a fabulous twist to Valentine’s. Alas, things didn’t work out as planned, but you can read about it here.

The Next Day…
Saturday afternoon I was in Stewdio54 attempting to warm up my hand to beautify an envelope (for the little Ginger Boy next door and fill it with goodness), Andrew was showering. Our agreement was that I’d head over alone and he’d meet me once he was finished.

I never heard him leave the house.

Heaping Plates of Cake
Amidst all the knee-high crying children looking for me, Andrew arrived empty-handed and bemused. No one found our disconnect amusing –except for us. Andrew returned home, calling out my name and found me in the Studio. We laughed hard about the incident as we were greeted by an rushed pregnant mom serving up heaping plates of cake -it was one of those ‘filled-with-children’ parties that we know we don’t belong to.

Later, friends of our hosted an Oyster party at their quiet studio. Filled with angst-filled Democrats, we felt completely at home discussing small business issues among other artists and craftsmen. While I’m not into oysters, I am into playing paparazzi with my camera. People love me. Read: Sarcasm.
While Mike tends to the Oysters outside, Heber plays bartender.

The quiet studio is filled with great people, Andrew & Marina, and Elizabeth who shows off her oyster shucking prowess.

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