Studio WIP: Vote for Logo

I’ve chosen a NE Wind Symphony as part of my non-profit work this year. They’ve asked me to help them redesign their logo as well as Web site -it helps to have friends who can count on me to do quality design work for them. First things first, I prioritize the work ahead and begin on their logo.

Because my illustration is clean and elegant, I thought it would be prudent to augment a bit of their logo/ID with calligraphic enhancement. However, when designing logos, it’s also crucial to remember that an illustration makes a logo -not! It’s easy to cross the line and begin to begin fanciful illustrations and suddenly lose sight of the real objective: Identity.

Logos need to remain crystal clear in their purpose: to represent the company or event with succinctness and purpose. Illustrations are good framed and hanging on one’s wall.

Below, you’ll find 2 design comps I provided to my client.

Hallwood Logo 1
ecs-hws-11This calligraphic logo was meant to highlight both the wind instruments and the initial H for Hallwood. The bells of the horns create a harmonious knot at the center and represent the bar of the ‘H’.

Hallwood Logo 2
ecs-hws-22This calligraphic logo highlights the unsung hero of the orchestra: the baritone. The bell of the baritone points upward while the valve continues as the bar into the capital H.

All logos are done in black and white. Later, when the logo has been chosen, it gets treated further with the bells and whistles adapted from the client’s profile based on it’s business and marketing plan.

Based on what you know, which logo would you choose for your symphony?

7 thoughts on “Studio WIP: Vote for Logo

  1. Jenn says:

    I prefer the first one with the horns, I can see more opportunities to adapt that down the line, especially for holiday things. Plus I almost get a GH feel off the second one.


  2. Dr. Bob+ says:

    Both of these Logos are beautiful and would serve well but I do like the First one better and feel it would be more adaptable to many different situations.


  3. Amy says:

    …plus, with the first one, I see the uprights of the “H” forming a lyre. I know, I know, so few orchestras these days have a lyre, but it is a classical symbol for music.


  4. Madam says:

    Again, you have come up with a very creative pair of designs, eye catching and original, but like the others who have commented, I think #1 is a good representation of the “Wind Symphony” theme


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