Studio News: Web Site Updates

I know it’s been a bit quiet here, but we’ve been busy crafting a brand new Web site (with lots of bells, mousies, & catnip) for you to enjoy.

I would like to introduce FatCat, above, who will be your guide through the new site. Fatcat will make announcements and provide tips along the way to help you play through our new catalog.

We are so excited with the progress of our new site that should be up in the very near future and cannot wait to reveal the improved options!!

Stay tuned for more details…

Mewsletter Spring CleanUp
Meanwhile, we ask that you revisit your contact info within our Mewsletter. We are conducting a new quarterly giveaway that requires your snail mail address to which to send goodies. If you do not have a snail mail addy included within your contact info, we redraw a name of the new winner. You wouldn’t want to be passed up because of that, would you?

Also, this new Web site will allow us to provide all kinds of quirky and fun discounts on a whim. If you want quirky, fun, and a chance to win gorgeous art, you gotta get yourself included!!

Get included now!

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