Assigning the Genius

This piece was a very good description of how the spirit moves me when I get into creative mode.

It pushes, it pulls, even torments when I can’t get to the studio to work. Andrew sees it. He sees it manifest in me once it happens. It’s like it swells my body and I contort in such a way that I begin to dance in place. Not a rhythmic “I understand that your dancing in place” movement but more of an “ants in the pants, I gotta pee” dance. My hands begin to get fidgety and I get short tempered -almost peckish.

This is a must watch if you haven’t seen it already. So eloquent and well described, I’ve assigned the Genius (or genie) myself and have been known to yell into the universe for help. Once you see this, you won’t think me so weird.

Ole to me (and to you) for having the sheer stubbornness to keep showing up and doing my job.

8 thoughts on “Assigning the Genius

  1. kate honarvar says:

    I saw it too, Vela posted it on her site. Love how she describes the poet running after the poem and pulling it back into her so she can write it down before it’s gone forever. Don’t you just love Ted Talks, I can listen to them all day. xo,K


  2. creativegoddess says:

    That’s why I always keep a pen handy. Even if I don’t have paper, I can reach some kind of substrate to illustrate it. Also, that’s why I created the suede journals: So I’d have a reason to carry paper around in a pretty cover. 🙂


  3. Jean Skipper says:

    Wow! Thank you so much for sharing this.

    I’ve been casually working on a new artist statement. Throughout the process I keep circling around the concept of creativity that can’t rationally be explained.

    When I’m at my best, it’s like I’m in a bubble. I tune out everything around me (television, TV, husband, kids…), and my hands work as if they have a mind of their own.

    I love that!


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