Creative Outlet: Ceramic Class with Marina Bosetti

As a creative outlet, I am taking a ceramic tile class from the ever talented Marina Bosetti. She insisted the night we met up w/her at the Valentine’s Oyster Roast Party last month and now I am immersed.

My Class Description:
This class is all about surface decoration and color. A short demo on how to use the slab roller and cut tile will be given the first day. My goal is have you leave this class with a sampler of glaze decorations and a notebook on how to repeat the process when you want to. Techniques taught in this class include scraffito, cuerda seca (wax resist), stenciling, wet paper resists, engobes, slips, transferring your designs from paper to clay, underglazes, over glaze waxing, and more. Conversations will included how to mix glazes and chemical safety. Beginner and advanced.

Learn More at Bosetti Art Tile

Week 1: The first day we were given a 25lb block of clay to learn how to roll out our own slabs and cut into tiles. The following gallery of images will show you -in a not so comprehensible way- my progress.

Click to Enlarge & Read Descriptions

While I’m not convinced the salt-of-the-Earth medium is for me, I do enjoy being with like-minded people who let loose much like I do. Or at least they tolerate my utter silliness and self-deprecation jokes.

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