Studio Update: CalligraphyPets New Shop

Welcome to CalligraphyPets new Shop!
ECStewart Designs has now combined ECStewart Collections and the CalligraphyPets into a fabulous new shop!

ECStewart Collections & CalligraphyPets Shop

We love, love, love the look of stone, granite, and marble. Having fun with texture by combining text and calligraphic illustrations gives the background a wonderful European graffiti feel, don’t you think? The same flavor was applied to ECStewart Designs Web site/blog (you’re here now).

Expand and contract your browser window to reveal fun imagery. Do it now! See, pretty cool, eh?

Oh, and another peak at the bottom of the image above you’ll find Bacchus as the FatCat Don that will charm each step of the way. You can even find him at the bottom of this blog entry.

Head straight to the new shop and explore yourself, or hang tight and let us show you around.

Yay! You Stuck with Us!
We invite you to get the beverage of your choice and enjoy the new home of ECStewart Designs. We’ve got so much more to show you!

CalligraphyPets New Clothes
We’ve got a slightly new header that has a fun combination of stone and paper. Imagine being able to slice and tear marble like paper? ECStewart Collections with a hint of gradient elegance and CalligraphyPets are both prominently featured at the top. Both logos have a bit more elegance added to them with metallic-like effect. You like?

ECStewart Collections & CalligraphyPets Shop Header

Beginning with both ECStewart Designs site overlapped by the CalligraphyPets shop, you can see that you can begin shopping at any point. The top of the navigation within ECStewart Designs shows you just how easy it is to get to your favorite department.

ECStewart Main & Shop

A Close Up Image of the Shopping Bar within ECStewart Web site.

ECStewart Shop Bar CloseUp

ECStewart Collections Shopping site. Each page will have the same product tabs at the top, making shopping easier.

ECStewart Collections & CalligraphyPets Category Tabs

Department Page Example within the ECStewart Collections Shop

ECStewart Collections & CalligraphyPets Wall Art Page

Also included, are a few videos that will assist in your purchasing experience. This is where we can have fun showing you how or why art pieces were created and to give you insight into our inspirations.

ECStewart Collections Shop Page with Video

Product Gallery Enlargement

ECStewart Collections Product Enlargement

Each product can be enlarged to give you a better sense of quality, craftsmanship, and value. Whenever possible, we strive to provide multiple images for overall shopping experience.

Detailed Navigation Found within the Footer

ECStewart Collections & CalligraphyPets Footer

You’ll find more help when you need it. Mewsletter Subscription, Gift Certificates, Licensing & Special Project Opportunities, Calendar of Events, CREATIVEGoddess Blog, News, and most importantly, the Customer Care Section (Don’t miss the bonus features like polls and other ways to get extra goodies).

ECStewart Logo

Want to return to ECStewart Web site for hot topics? Click the round logo at the bottom and it’ll take you straight back.
This little colorful button will be found on each page. If you have a favorite department, you can keep instant updates by clicking this button and creating a feed that gets email straight to you the moment changes are made.

The shop is now open -so make yourself at home.

PS. One More Thang: Please update your Mewsmembership. This new Shop allows us to send out discounts on the fly and we’ll also be hosting sweet surprises for those who have their snail-mail addresses included.

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