Artist ShoutOut: Marina Bosetti

Meet Marina Bosetti. Marina does some fabulous work in ceramic tile in her quiet Bosetti Art Tile studio in historic Boylan Heights, Raleigh. Initially, her work begins in handcrafted colorful back splashes in kitchens, baths, and majestic fireplace surrounds greatly influenced by art nouveau. Additionally, one can find sinks and other accoutrements for one’s home.

mbe450-circus mbe450-irises mbe450-leafhearth

We caught up with Marina at a Valentine’s Oyster Party at another mutual friend’s studio Eidolon Designs. We had a great time catching up and discussing small business woes during these tumultuous economic times. It was then Marina insisted I take one of her clay tile classes -a new offering she’s providing from within the creative space of her atelier.

OMG!! How could I say no? After a class, I realized I couldn’t stop at one, I had to take two.

First Disastrous Time Cutting Clay

First Disastrous Time Cutting Clay

So throughout the next few weeks, I get to share updates on my oh-so-humble-and-awkward attempts at mastering the salt-of-the-Earth medium: clay. Watch for some humourous behind-the-scenes as I capture some of those moments with my camera; I’ll need to make sure that my fingers are free from the muddy mess I seem to continuously make. Perhaps I’ll even set up a videocam –with the approval of Marina, of course.

Now, I insist that you visit Marina’s studio during Raleigh First Friday Walks -she’ll be delighted to see you.

Separated at Birth
Meanwhile, we think our friend Marina looks like Professor Sprout from Harry Potter. What do you think?


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