Creative Outlet: Ceramic Tile Class Pt 2

I’m taking 2 classes from Marina and I am getting so confused as to which class is which -but having loads of fun getting my hands dirty.

We learned how to transfer image onto leather hard clay to continue additional handwork. From carving thru plastic wrap, reverse charcoal, and one of my favs: trash paper scoring. After creating a rough sketch on trash paper, I layed it down on my leather hard (roughly dried for an hour after rolling it out) slab and used that as my template to trace onto the clay. The wonderful thing about clay is that I can use a sponge to erase any mistakes and rub out erroneous score marks with my fingers.

After allowing the slab to dry for a few days, I was able to return to it and begin a wax-resist method. Applying wax on my calligraphic lines enables me to fill in the areas (sans wax) with color; the wax will burn away when fired revealing the beautiful brown clay.

Click Photos to Enlarge.

Next, I’ll be choosing and applying colors!!

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