Studio News: Featured in ShoppingConnection

If you love to shop for great finds in fine living, look no further than MyShoppingConnection.

Much to my surprise, MyShoppingConnection has just featured my lovely etched and hand finished sterling silver earrings featuring Bacchus.

When you click on any of the links that take you to the Bacchus earrings, please Retweet it or at the very least, stumble the elegant earrings to show your support.

Many thanks!

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One thought on “Studio News: Featured in ShoppingConnection

  1. Mary G says:

    I m so tech savvy I couldn’t figure out how to get my name into the running for the suede journal. Meanwhile we live in the never never land of rural eastern NC and I need to purchase some stencils for a 1920’s bungelow we’re redoing. Do you know any stores in Raleigh that would sell larger than 2 inch stencils in art deco or creative forms? I ll be visiting there for a short while in a week and so far haven’t found anything on the web. The Michaels in Greenville doesn’t have anything that would work. Or raw stencil plastic maybe my next option.
    Thanks and you do very nice work.


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