Field Trip: GreenFront

Lisa jumping from one mound to another I admit it: I love interior design. I especially love to accessorize my abode with lush colors and textures.

We find ourselves at Green Front getting some fresh air and inspiration through imported design accessories. Follow us where we discover room-upon-room of Indian rugs, Turkish ottomans, and furniture. Beautiful muted colors fuse a modern sense of style applied with traditional handmade techniques.

GreenFront, Farmville, VA
This past weekend, we found ourselves in Farmville, VA exploring GreenFront. GreenFront is an outlet that allows the average Jo to shop for furniture, fabrics, and accessories for her home at the fraction of retail cost.

As a former buyer for a high-end furniture store in Chicago and as a consumer, I could confidently guess the “retail cost” of any piece that proudly displayed a price tag -again at a fraction. We found a magnificent floor mirror with a price of only $600; I could see it sitting in a Chicago showroom for easily $2500. This was a distinguished piece filled with drama -oh, and can I say, it was a ‘friendly mirror.

If I only had the space…

The Casbah
We love exploring the expansive building replete with imported rugs that we affectionately call the Casbah.
Field Trip: GreenFront

Losing ourselves in color and texture accompanied by the ohhs and ahhs that challenge even the most splendid fireworks are frequently heard. The labyrinth of rooms expands the excitement as it reveals mounds upon mounds of hand wrought finery. It’s seriously tough to remember that rugs were meant to ‘walk upon’ as we hunt with our shoes on.

Does that read like soft-core to you? I didn’t mean to write it that way but I loooooove undulating texture. Woops. There I go again!

You’ll see within the furniture section of the photos a bit of trendspotting. Embossed leathers, zebra highlights, and oversized ottomans were featured. I loved them all. Then again, I’m a sucker for a great ottoman on a gorgeous rug.

Flickr Rug Tour
Begin Your Personal Rug Tour thru Flickr

Photo Mea Culpa (Mental note: dSLR -Never leave home without it!)
Our unplanned field trip photos were taken w/just my iPhone. I apologize for any over-exposure that has occurred; I did my best to remedy of that w/Photoshop.

Explore GreenFront
GreenFront · Casbah Bldgs 1, 2, 3, & 4


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3 thoughts on “Field Trip: GreenFront

  1. MADAM says:

    WOW!!!! Did they know you were doing this? Obviously, you are going to have to return and fully explore ALL the buildings!!!


  2. Penny says:

    i can see that this would be nearly as dangerous a place for me as the fringes of the garment district in NYC (where the rugs, clothes and dishes intermingle on the outskirts of the the ‘high dollar’ core)… looks like great fun and even greater discoveries *absolutely lurved the travelling magic bar >:-o *

    thanks for sharing! you two always have the funnest excursions 😉


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