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Organized Inspiration: Your Ticket to Sanity
As a creative entrepreneur, it’s my job to stay apprised of all the awesome inventions known to humankind.


ECStewart LivingCreatively

Through my discoveries, I’ve crafted a tool that allows me to capture all of this information in an organized system as well as the ability to keep it fresh and updated. This unique tool serves as a living, breathing, organic widget always evolving as it provides current links and relevant Web sites for your creative lifestyle.

Introducing the ECStewart LivingCreatively Toolbar for your Web Browser!!


ECStewart LivingCreatively Toolbar

Can’t wait? To download the ECStewart LivingCreatively Toolbar, head to:
(Hint: It’s free!!)

About the ECStewart LivingCreatively Toolbar
The ECStewart LivingCreatively toolbar serves to stimulate your senses as you function in your day-to-day activities. As an idea generator for your overall lifestyle and providing links to innovative and cutting edge Web sites, this toolbar will help you nourish and cultivate your taste in your creative pursuit.

My Inspirations are Your Inspirations!
Many of you ask me where I get my inspirations and ideas. If you’re anything like me, I have at least 4 browser windows open on my computer with at least 26 tabs revealed! That’s enough to make anyone dizzy (batteries not included). And if you’re an info gathering, stickynote mess inside your journal junkie like myself, then you’ll appreciate the all-in-one online organized inspiration at your fingertips. Once I designed the ECStewart LivingCreatively Toolbar, I instantly realized the value of organized topics when I began searching for the latest product buzz or needed to bring balance to my lifestyle.

Trending Topics
These 4 categories are work horses for stimulating your daily lifestyle genius and to help carry you through to your next project. Cross pollinating these categories assists you in cultivating your own taste. For creative inspiration, this toolbar encapsulates the latest trends in…

palette3Fine Art + Photography
triangleDesign + Fashion
wineFood + Wine, and
sun Travel + Leisure

wineWhy Food+Wine ?
Balance is key when designing your creative lifestyle. If one thinks of designing a meal like a painting, then creating an expressive dinner favors your creative living wellness. Planning your meals with meaningful insight is just as important as your thirst for design innovation.

Breakfast can be the first stepping stone to a cultural introduction. Accessible recipes with a dash of historical relevance provides a pathway to pleasure when acquainting my palette with new flavors. If I’m stumped for ideas, I steep myself within the marina sauces of Italy or seafood paellas of Portugal to inspire our next meal.

Believe me, it’s amazing how texture from a curry base can inspire design patterns.

sunWhy Travel+Leisure?
Vacations and leisure time are important, period. A girl cannot live by design alone -there has to be a balance in one’s creative lifestyle. Life is a visceral experience and I crave opportunities to continuously explore the World. To breath in new surroundings and experiences strengthens the mind and brain, reconnecting the spirit of one’s well being. To view travel and leisure as an imperative allows one’s mental health to rest and absorb the nuances we often take for granted. As I take mini breaks throughout the day -read: daydream- I use these categories to reminisce about past vacations and learn about other cultures I’d like to discover. If taking a vacation next week is impossible, I use these pathways as an opportunity to acquaint my lifestyle with new senses.

Ever wonder from where the deep seafoam blue in my ECStewart Design & Communications design system came?

More ECStewart Goodness


ECStewart LivingCreatively

Under this logo, you’ll find toolbar options to enhance your experience. Refresh, clear, shrink are among the control choices.

In addition to the Trending Topics, I’ve included two (2) RSS feeds that will bring you the latest in my Web site activity:

ecskanji-20ECStewart Design Web Site
ecskanji-20CREATIVEGoddess Blog

envMsgs from ECStewart will provide instant info outside of my blogging activities. I will use this judiciously.

Cultivating Curiosity
Exploring, cultivating, and experimenting through adventure fosters enlightenment and growth while maintaining balance through rest and relaxation is part of living creatively.

May your thirst for curiosity never wane and the exhilaration of adventure be the foundation to living creatively.

Your CREATIVEGoddess

Installing ECStewart LivingCreatively Toolbar
It installs quickly and easily into any Web browser of your choice. Once you’ve restarted your browser, the ECStewart LivingCreatively Toolbar appears at the top, just beneath the browser’s navigation.


ECStewart LivingCreatively Browser Toolbar

Download the ECStewart LivingCreatively Toolbar now:

Kudos & Comments
Are always welcome. If you have a site recommendation, you can submit here or open the envMsg link in the toolbar to send a quick note.

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One thought on “Studio News: ECStewart LivingCreatively Toolbar

  1. katwalk65 says:

    I am a big fan of your purpose here, especially as I myself am in need of “organizing inspiration”!

    Please check out my topic on Facebook’s NetworkedBlogs, under “Category: purely creative” where I gave your site props.

    And feel free to check out my blog:
    one among many…

    Thanks for sharing your inspiration!


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