CalligraphyPets New Web Site

As a perpetual designer in motion, I’ve been unhappy with the results of the eCart I implemented at the beginning of the year for CalligraphyPets. The real thing I was enamored with was the coupon offer I could apply to products for my customers, but yet, something was missing: the front page for starters.

I thought by striving to integrate both and calligraphypets (on the citymax platform), that you would have a relatively seamless task of shopping for goods. Alas, I can’t really put my finger on why I didn’t make many sales this year because with this year being a down economy, it was really a crap shoot for any kind of baseline efforts.

CalligraphyPets Web site 2009 New Site

So, my incessant need for ease of use, I am rebuilding the site. This is a WordPress site (I doubt that you care that much) that provides incredible innovation while allowing me to make changes as many time as I blink my eyes. As much as I love Web design and coding, I’d really rather be spending my time on my art and product development. is still a work in progress, but the bulk of it is uploaded. It’s still not an eCart (I provide links to the current citymax base) but I am currently looking into Amazon Payments as they appear to offer flexible payment and promotion features for those of us who are building our empires.

Thus, I have a few questions for you:

1) Take this link to the new CalligraphyPets site and look around.

2) This is the current eCart for CalligraphyPets. If you haven’t been here, please take a look around and pretend you’re shopping.

3) Since every Web site is an island, we’ve been experimenting with 1000Markets to augment the shopping experience. Take this link to our shop.

4) If you had a say, would you enjoy shopping at our site on 1000Markets exclusively? Would you still consider us as fine artisans or do you believe this would harm our brand and prefer to shop under the ECStewart & CalligraphyPets home umbrella?

5) Would you love to see Calligraphypets brand new site as a shop?

If you have any other comments or questions, please let us know! I build these sites for you and I want to make sure you get the best experience possible from us.

Thank you so much!

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2 thoughts on “CalligraphyPets New Web Site

  1. KinKStar says:

    The site is nice, and always has been one I enjoy drooling over. I like the pictures of Bacchus, and reading about how your magic came to be with that series.

    You should fix it so we don’t have to go back and forth to look at your items, by providing a NEXT button to click. Oh, and a wish list would not only give shoppers the chance to come back later to complete their purchase, but it would also give you a chance to see what’s popular, and you can market accordingly. Special offers can then be sent to those with a wish list, percentage off or a shipping discount.

    Overall? Good Job!


  2. creativegoddess says:

    Thanks, Kinkstar! Your input is invaluable!

    Hint hint people! I can’t improve if you don’t talk to me!

    BTW, I can only do what the pre-fab sites allow me to do. I will seriously consider the options you have suggested because I love them, too. Since I’m the one who is applying the elbow grease to most of the code and as a talented, albeit limited hacker in the skillset, there is only so much I can do myself.

    The options you suggest are ones that are not currently available within my budget ala online Kate Spade store…

    One day.


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