Monday Morning Dreams

As much as I’d like to boycott mornings, I cannot. If it weren’t for mornings, I wouldn’t have evenings to share with MAndrew.

Calling all Cirque du Soleil Junkies
I found a clip of one of my all time favorite productions of Cirque du Soleil’s: Quidam.

After experiencing this over 8 years ago, I’ve become quite the Cirque junkie and I think I’m due for another fix! NYC is getting a permanent installation… I would love to swing a long weekend and surprise Andrew with a performance. I just surprised him with an air guitar performance the other day -he hasn’t been the same since.

To date, we’ve seen Quidam, Dralion, Ka, Zumanity, Corteo, & Delirium. Which ones have you seen?

Calling all Creatives
While it might be a bit of a stretch for me to run away with the Cirque, here’s a video of dream job opportunities:

If I had a chance, I’d work as a musician (trumpet), set designer, costume designer, or work really hard to be the acrobatic woman on the red silk drapes. What creative job would you snag for yourself?

Change Up Your Gym Routine…
Did you know that Cirque & Reebok are teaming up to create a workout for women called Jukari? How cool is that?

If I can’t run away with Cirque, perhaps I can workout with Cirque.

Creatively Yours,

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