Happy Halloween: H1N1 Style

H1N1 Avoidance Squad

This is image is life size; we're Scobbits.

H1N1 Avoidance Squad

An impromptu Halloween costume to distribute candy to the visiting mobile germ factories.

Hazmat Suits, $10.99
Sneeze Guards – $15.99
Avoiding the Swine Flu at Halloween – Priceless

This idea should really be attributed to Madam who claimed that they would be hiding during the trick-or-treating part of the holiday.

Trick or Treating Protocol
Friday Night, we decided it would be best to take the whole ‘hand the candy out rather than have the children reach for it themselves’ to a whole new extreme.

BTW, who allows kids grab for their own candy? IMO, I think Halloween has evolved into an entitlement fest rather than a fun, stand-at-the-door and yell “Trick or Treat” at the top of one’s lungs. Am I wrong? Do you know how many kids I have had to train over the years to understand Trick or Treating protocol?

Who’s Got Swine Flu?
Do you know how many kids admitted to just getting over being sick w/it? Ick!
Anyhow, we had a black light that we would wand over each kid and tell them that we were with the CDC and we need to make sure they weren’t contaminated. When I decided they were clear, Andrew would provide them with treats via tongs to candy to bag.

During this profiling experiment, I happened to choose one kid who had a tiny spot on a t-shirt. I pointed out, “What’s this? What’s this?” His face was a white as his shirt. It was then I yelled to a wandering Andrew, “2319! Andrew! We’ve got a 2319!” (ala Monster’s Inc.) “Get the hose!” A neighborhood dad, “David” stepped up behind him and said, “This kid just yakked all the candy he consumed just before arriving here!”

Ewwwww. So glad I had the tongs.

We weren’t sure just how much we would annoy parents by donning these costumes, but many of them had a very good sense of humor about it. Just so you know, we live in a quiet neighborhood where the folks know us, but rarely see us. While they’re busy shuffling kids off to extracurricular activities, we’re busy working by candlelight on design projects in Studio54.

Halloween Yard Evolved
I am sad that we only get a dozen trick-or-treaters each year and that the week spent in the yard decorating isn’t worth it. One neighbor told me last night that the adjacent ‘hood was bursting at the seams with hundreds of kids and parties. Our hood must be so boring.

The Best Part
Hazmat Suits, $10.99
Sneeze Guards – $15.99
Writing off the entire costume – Priceless

We get to write off the entire costume because we’ll be using these in the workshop! Yee-haw! Now that I’ve acquiesced to evolving the yard into just costumes, we’ll be planning each year with the same in mind. This is just another way this CreativeGoddess can enjoy pulling double-duty with our purchases!

So, do you love our costumes or what?

4 thoughts on “Happy Halloween: H1N1 Style

  1. creativegoddess says:

    Since it was thee most gorgeous night to go trick or treating, one also has to recognize the freaking ‘heat’ factor. Wish I lost a few pounds while wearing this around the house waiting for the germ buckets to come knockin’.


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