How to Get Your Rhyme On

Alliteration Fliteration
AdAge is telling us creatives to get over our fear of alliteration & rhyming.


Because Mother Goose & Dr. Suess (oooh, I rhymed) was more than a handful a childhood stories to learn by, the these schemas taught us memorization. Singing also teaches memorization, but not many are fascinated with being included in my personal musical.

Simple, familiar sounds work easier at recall magic.

Alliteration is the repetition of the first consonant sound in a phrase. It’s also consider a ‘head rhyme’ because the rhyming begins at the start of the word.

Bumbling, babbling band of baboons” (Goblet of Fire.)

Rhyming can be used in a specific and a general sense. Feminine, masculine, dactylic, syllabic, imperfect, semirhyme, assonance, consonance, half-rhyme are myriad way one can work unaided recall.

Rhyme Time
Loose Goose
Rumble and Tumble

Slogans: “One flick of your Bic, I can see you’re a hick.'”

When I need to memorize words, phrases or ideas, I run thru the list of synonyms, antonyms, and homonyms to speed the recall process.

Product Alliteration
While you’re busy managing your memorization, one should also look at business names, processes, and products that need to be named and labeled. When we were crafting the calligraphic style of my pets in 2001, we ran thru a dozen names before Andrew announced, “CalligraphyCats.”

It made perfect sense. It’s alliterative and it elucidates the form, function, and output of my product.

So, the next time you’re dreaming and scheming of your new product line, head to the alliteration station and get your rhyme on.

Now, I think this just might help with my podcasting… Stay tuned!

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One thought on “How to Get Your Rhyme On

  1. Kara aka Mother Henna says:

    Thanks for the visit, Marilyn! I looove your style — and reading the story about the kanji for your name — most interesting! I’ve just recently gotten snagged into Japanese Kabuki really … was a snippet of a dream or something that was on the radio as I was waking, not sure. But the phrase “Kabuki Ghost” would not let me be. So I’ve been researching — and doing drawings and paintings. My hubby has me watching Shogun now. Though I’ve been interested in the Jizo gardens for awhile now… who knows, some strings of various things coming together maybe. If you do decide to check it out more, too, there is a wealth of video on YouTube. Just search “Kabuki”… Miracles to you! k-


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