Help Me Choose 4 More Dogs!

I just got some fabulous news yesterday and I need your help! It is my job to illustrate 4 more dogs within the next four weeks.

Currently, I’m working on the Schnauzer and perhaps the Dachshund. What would be the next two dogs you’d like to see?

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Thanks much!
XO ~Lisa

6 thoughts on “Help Me Choose 4 More Dogs!

  1. MADAM says:

    You may get this twice. How about a St. Bernard, or a Scottie dog – one won an American Kennel Club show that I happened to pick up the other night on TV. Can’t remember the channel. Or a greyhound, or a pullie which was also a finalist at the AKC Show


  2. artgirlraleigh says:

    As much as I would love to see a Welsh Terrier, I wouldn’t advise it, as there aren’t enough of us owners to make it worth your while. But–I do see a LOT of Jack Russells out there, with a fanatical core group of owners. And I think you’d HAVE to be a fanatic to put up with one of those little hyperactive energy demons…


  3. Crafty Dayeseye says:

    Hi there! Love your designs! Kinda late in the game I know, but if you haven’t thought of it I know a GREAT DEAL of people who would love to see a GREAT DANE!!!

    That or a supermutt!



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