Studio News: On Giveaways

ecs-fbIt appears as though the fun is finished on Facebook, at least for a little while. It doesn’t take long for the scurvy to find their way into clenches and ruin a good thing.

This month, I’ve just read a Special Alert: Facebook Issues New Policy Regarding Conducting Sweepstakes and Contests by Winston & Strawn, outlining the policy for administering sweepstakes and contests through Facebook.

As an creative entrepreneur, I’ve done my best to uphold the ethics while running my giveaways. My attitude is a bit casual for now, until I hire a team of attorneys who dictate that I must submit a conspicuous list of terms 10 miles long. Until then, it’s based on a gentleman’s agreement (I take those very seriously) that I uphold my end of the deal. Please forgive me if I’m a little late in choosing a winner -I’m striving to get better at the timing.

I’ve also called a spade a spade when it comes to parasites clamouring to my site to get something just for free rather than being a true fan. Sure, we all love free stuff, but I celebrate my fans by giving a little back and I’ll know right away if you’re here for just the beer.

Until then, I’ve got some delicious giveaways to launch! Stay tuned!

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