Celebrating Big: A Fostering Partnership

Celebrate BIG with Regusci WineIt’s been a long hard 2 years and we’re finally seeing some payoff for our due diligence. While we can’t reveal just who has affections for my art, I can tell you the Pure Breed Dogs will be announcing their presence soon.

Stay tuned!

Meanwhile, we’re enjoying a glass of 1997 Regusci Merlot -a bottle Andrew picked up on his first visit to Napa several years ago.

Our Rating: 1997 Regusci Merlot:
Nose: Smells woody; faint oak.
Taste: Bit of a burn, so cinnamon and a bit of Pepper, with strong overtones of cherry, and a little strawberry.
Mellows quite a bit over time.

Good food pairings:
Would go very well with a salad that has a raspberry vinaigrette: must include cheese.

Speaking of cheeses… a cave aged Gruyere

Grilled pork tenderloin with grilled onions and a rosemary red wine reduction.
Andrew also says that it will pair very well with lambchops. I, however, won’t eat lamb simply because of my love for Mary’s pet.

Paired very well with Andrew’s pizza tonight

This sweet nectar of Bacchus must be savored slowly.

Pts: 87-92
Stars ★★★★✩

Cheers! ~Lisa

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