Have You Been Bought Through Twitter?

The giants are warming up to a new frontier of advertising: Twitter.

How? Getting regular people to send a sentence or two of text, on behalf of paying advertisers, to their friends and followers.

The NYTimes reports that there is a growing group of celebrities, bloggers and regular Internet users who are allowing advertisers to send commercial messages to their personal contacts on social networks. Charter Communications, the Make a Wish Foundation and other companies are among those harnessing informal chats between friends to promote their products and services.

This month, Amazon.com said it would start paying commissions to individuals who refer buyers to the site via Twitter messages. (People must first sign up for Amazon Associates, a program in which Amazon pays Web publishers for referrals to its site.) Would be nice if North Carolina could get it’s act together so I could at least get my Associates account re-established, but that’s another story.

John Chow, blogger and Internet entrepreneur in Vancouver, BC received ~$3,000 income from Twitter ads for ‘just pushing a button.’ On another occasion, he received $200 from Mars to tell his friends about personalized M&Ms.

My first question that I have is, “where do I sign up?” The next question I have is, “would my friends really enjoy getting duped if they realized my passion wasn’t really for PortoRico’s Danish Blend after all?” I think you all know the answer to that!

We buy based on trust.
We trust recommendations from our friends and resources that we know and respect. Would your respect continue to flourish once you learned that every few minutes, your private time was interrupted for a commercial break?

Honey? Why did you bring that chainsaw to bed with us?”
“Because at a very inconvenient time, I’ll have to Tweet about it and run it’s engine!”

Source: http://www.nytimes.com/2009/11/22/business/22ping.html?bl

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