Chardonnay DeTassles the Holidays

We thought you’d enjoy a bit of holiday cheer that happens to include… wait for it… pets! This one is brought to you by Chardonnay, our adorable, yet destructive cat who apparently doesn’t care for our kind of holiday decorations.


Not only did he destroy one lovely tassle, but all three! I haven’t had the chance to replace them all year -looks like I’ve got a mere 24 hours to do so. Can I get it done?

Happy Christmahannakwanzakah!
Lisa & Andrew

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One thought on “Chardonnay DeTassles the Holidays

  1. KinKStar says:

    Gotta love a fluffy cat with an attitude! Nothing better.

    Festivis for the Rest of US is today, December 23rd. Hope you enjoy your holiday, and the cats do too!

    PurrZ and HeadBonKZ to your FuzzyButt Family, X’s


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