Trendspotting 2010 Spring Accessories

As we walked the Accessories Show yesterday in NYC, we realized that there are no more rules to fashion –as long as it’s comfortable, it’s applicable. Due to the influence of cinema, current events, political upheavals, technology, and the flattening of the World, the fashion World is becoming fragmented and has so for several years -and that’s not necessarily a bad thing.

While I enjoy reviewing fashion representative of each decade within the 2oth Century, both because of the extreme changes in hem length as a political response, but also the relaxation of the staunch formality of structure (ie. suits, pillbox hats, & gloves), I also found a mashing of decades and reinventions that seemed pretty, well… lazy. Now, after walking the Accessories Show (that also includes apparel), I understand the opportunity to recycle past trends as well as launch new ideas through technological advances. There are some fascinating revolutions that are beginning to peak out into the Brave New World and it’s exciting to watch them progress (fabric gradations, laser cut fabrics).

Additionally, the freedom to expound on global reach as well as up-cycle ingenuities promotes the latitude to curate your own wardrobe and with that, I will never feel like such an odd-ball when walking down the street with a draped toga over metallic Ed Hardy high tops. Okay, maybe…

So, for your personal accessory journal, I’ve outlined four categories that we’ve mashed for your enjoyment:

  1. Basic/Popular – Channel your favorite cartoon. Bold colors, graphic prints, and acrylic accessories complete your stage performance with Devo.
  2. Heaven on Earth – Mix pagan goddess with naughty goth for the modern vixen. Need I say more?
  3. Referential Tech – Neo’s (from the Matrix) little sister gets her game on to join the tech revolution.
  4. Global Fusion – Reinvent Ancient World with Reuse and Recycle and take personal uniqueness to a whole new playground.

Basic/Popular Appeal
Channel your favorite cartoon. Whether she’s young or adult, there’s a mix of playfulness that combines a faded range of 1970 color with strong accents of red or sky blue. Textured knits, simplified bleached denim, color blocking and graphic prints saturate the fashion landscape.

Key elements:

  • Novelty motifs peppered with colored crystals.
  • Elastic cinched belts
  • Lunch Bucket Bags
  • North/South Totes
  • Enameled metals

Heaven on Earth
Mix pagan goddess with naughty goth for the modern vixen. Romantic and poetic, these symbols embody the pre-Raphaelite era of antiquity. Through visions of color gradations, serene chalky palettes are splashed with intense hues and accented with strong pirate black. Limp volume of fabric, random draping, toga layering, ruched leather, drawstrings, with plenty of knots & braids.

Key elements:

  • Object & Ribbon Necklaces
  • Floral oblong scarves
  • Wide & corset belts
  • Straw Hats
  • Accent ruching on bags and shoes

Referential Tech
Naivety of the 1950’s meets high-tech to find Neo’s younger sister. Progressive and optimistic, technology weaves it’s way into acid tints and emulsions. Referencing strong vitamin pop colors of the 50s are now faded with veiled, grayed tints. Sharp and structured coats are softened with luxurious fabrics. Key holes and cuts continue to modernize color blocking of the 60s.

Key elements:

  • High top shoes
  • Wide strap sandals
  • Acrylic jewelry
  • Metallic clutches
  • Tech gear

Global Fusion
Reinvent Ancient World with Reuse and Recycle for global mix. Unexpected combinations are unearthed when mixing folkwear patterns with man-made materials like rustic weaves and fresh cottons. To find the Aztec charm, dust the colors from the South American landscape of ochres, clays, and cactus with blazing red and deep violets. On the other side of the World, Southern Mediterranean is punctuated with nutmegs, rattan, amber, Mediterranean blues and pompeian reds. Graphic water color splashes and strong folkwear ethnic, batik, and hand blocking are the foundation of creative fabrics. Tooled leather, hammered metals, reptile, macrame, fringe tassels, and metal studs set the stage.

Key elements:

  • Totem pendants
  • Fringe bib necklaces
  • Suede gladiator shoes
  • Embroidered belts
  • Animal border scarves

Now that you’re armed and charmed with the upcoming season, what’s in your closet?

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