Pictures from NYC – Discoveries

Our intent this week was to use the NYIGF as our primary base from which to conduct business this week, but first, lunch!

Discoveries: Some New, Some Familiar
We had to begin our foray with The Cupping Room Cafe. Funny thing, we had the same waiter who remembered us (because I had written such lovely notes on their opinion card) and mentioned we flew up just for their LaPaysans. After I filling myself with warm apple chutney and brie on roasted turkey, he brought over a treat plate replete with blueberry compote and a cinnamon nut rugelach –compliments from the chef. Sweet, warm, and tasty, just a little over the top to make me feel bloaty, but I was thankful just the same.

Psst: I just found a Rugelach recipe on Epicurious if you’re in the mood.

Because wallets are a bit tight,we used the same eating methodology we used when we honeymooned in the UK two years ago: only 2 meals a day -at least that was my plan. If you desire warm comfort food, The Cupping Room Cafe is the place to eat. If you have the same 2 meal a day plan as I did, don’t travel with Andrew -he’ll introduce new ways to nosh. ūüėČ

Dashing from neighborhood to neighborhood, we happened upon some new delights. I had to offset my business mood and mode with a splash of aromatic and visual treats and came across:

TribecaTreats | Something in their window pulled me into the enveloping chocolate aroma -perhaps it was just a new chocolate shop we hadn’t discovered yet during one of our treks. I am not one to make cutout cookies, but damn, if I don’t get weak in the knees when I happen across cookie cutters. I bought two: a heart shaped with an arrow thru it and a very large dog paw (I think I actually found one that size on the Iditarod Trail several years ago.)

Web Site
Twitter @tribecatreats

ZeroFriends | The explosion of color revealed on their narrow wall from the street beaconed me to push on in -or was it the cold? In any case, I was intrigued by the alternative art done by just a handful of artists from San Francisco.

They just had opening night the previous Friday as a pop up store introducing their featured artist and in their words, “They were stoked!” It was good to have a brief conversation among fresh idealists because I was running out of my own ideal steam. Andrew happened upon a shirt that read, “Team Conan” it was a must have for his gym apparel. I just hope he doesn’t get kicked out of the ‘Y’ with that shirt. ūüėČ

Web Site


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