Studio News: CalligraphyCats Fabric!!

This is SO exciting!! The CalligraphyCats have their own fabric!!

Designed in a toss pattern, I have included only a few cats for the first sampler (yes, there WILL be more) and I have a coveted piece in my very hands. How gorgeous is this?

Here’s my question to you, what kinds of products do you see this fabric being made into? I’ve included a poll to help rev-start your creative juices.

If you mark “other”, please let us know what ideas you have.

The world is your oyster, so don’t hold back on your ideas -I’d love to hear them!!!

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9 thoughts on “Studio News: CalligraphyCats Fabric!!

  1. LindaI says:

    I’d love to see a big, drapey piece of it used as a shawl/shrug. Cut a rectangle about 60″ long and maybe 30″ high (not sure about the measurements, I’d have to experiment). Hem the long edges, and gather the short edges into a dark black or grey ribbed knitted cuff. So you could wear it easily, the cuffs plus shoulder friction would hold it on, but it would also drape softly. I would wear just a plain rectangle like this as a shawl, that would be fine for an elegant party, but I think to wear it more often, I would want the cuffs to make it stay on easier.

    Hope we get to see you either making articles to sell, or selling the fabric for us to make our own, sometime soon!


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