Going Local – A Photoshoot

Last week, I was asked by a national publication to submit some photos of myself along with a few words about what it means to be a women CEO entrepreneur in Raleigh, NC.

Photos? Really? OMG. I hate photos of myself. The 20lbs that I’ve gained entirely in my face, the tiresome rosacea I’m constantly fighting… Ugh. Photos.


Shopping at Askew Taylor Paints

Since they asked for at least 3 photos and a couple of them ‘out n’about’, I brainstormed the local hangouts where any stalkers would most likely to find me: Askew-Taylor Paints (the most charming art supply store!) and Helios, a coffee shop where other entrepreneurs hangout.

After a few dozen shots, fighting with light, and a number of awkward moments, we managed to get only a few worth their weight. Even these aren’t as good as my preferred photographer, but they’ll have to do.

I Heart Askew-Taylor Paints
After talking with Kirk, the owner of Askew, he gave us a bit of a history lesson. The stone that serves as a step to his shop was placed over 50 years ago from a nearby field. The door as well as the lock is also 50. The salesman for the siding claimed that he’d seen shingles last 10-15 years when he encouraged Mr. Askew to replace his -over 30 years ago.

Seriously, if there’s a place I recommend for an authentic artsy fartsy shopping experience, it’s Askew-Taylor. He’s got the greatest supplied filled space imaginable. It was the first place I was introduced to and it’s the place I recommend to new folk. Originally, it was a house paint supply but now it’s just a great artists haven. Askew carries my favorite pens, brushes, and paper. He also carries fabric paints, my new favorite acrylic paints and a tiny bookshelf overflowing with inspiration. Give yourself time to look around. I wouldn’t recommend backpacks, children, dogs, or anything resembling a chaotic distraction, you will miss something. Oh, and don’t forget the upstairs!!

Note to Kirk: One might consider getting bumper sticker and t-shirts so that we can show our support in public. Just sayin. I’ll design them for you!

Oh, and please withhold judgment as these images were just gussied up for the blog post.

Tip: If you’re doing this (taking self-portraits or in situ compositions) expect to take several photos. This mean anything from a few dozen to a few hundred. I’m. not. kidding. Remember when you visited the photo studio for half a day for your high school senior photo?

And for those of you who are naturally photogenic, you may score 3 great photos right out of the gate and this either means:

  • You’re a natural, or
  • You’ve got a great photographer.

Either way, I’m extremely jealous.

At Helios Coffee

Getting really tired of posing. Have I mentioned lately how painful this was? At least my hair photos well.

As Andrew was taking shots of me in the coffee house, a gracious customer approached us and asked if we wanted our picture taken together. We thanked him for being kind but we had a mission in mind with just solo photos of me. “Please come sit with me!” I begged.

I really don’t like having my photo taken, much less uploaded and publicized. However, I’m embracing nerve in a very public way, so enjoy this at my expense!

Vanity Check
I’m about to get my hairs cut into a new style and I need your help. If you were my personal hairdresser, what style would you give me?

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5 thoughts on “Going Local – A Photoshoot

  1. B. Williams says:

    I feel your every word! I have positively hated every photo that someone else has ever taken of me. There was a series of photos that I had taken by a well respected arts photographer as a gift to my loving wife that were nice for a while – but did not age at all well. The last time one of those images was exposed to the public, someone said, “OMG!! You’re Kenny G!!!” Ugh… Mayhaps it was you!?!

    When I needed a passport photo, I went to a local passport photo place, put my money down, and proceeded to throw the result away right in front of the photographer (with muttered semi-profanity). Not his fault – he had so little to work with! I went home and shot my own, and it took at least 50 shots with changes to lighting, etc. before I got a single shot that was acceptable.

    Even my photo for FB (which I shot myself with my MacBook using PhotoBooth is the closest thing I have to a current photo. Kath now carries one of my expired drivers licenses from almost 20 years ago. That’s how bad it gets.



  2. creativegoddess says:

    Hahahaha! At first I didn’t recall that comment, but NOW I do remember seeing a photo on FB that Kath uploaded: You with long wavy hair!! Bloody hell, who would have guessed you with long hair? Yes, I believe I’m guilty. Me thinks you also removed it promptly when I tried showing MAndrew minutes later.

    Anywho… you’re not the first to have a photo throw down due to dreadful results.


  3. kate says:

    there are very few photographs of myself that I actually like. But those photos of you were great!!! Nobody thinks they photograph well, but you have that crazy cute dimple thing going for you, work it!!


  4. Sally Ford says:

    Hey, I totally know the pain of being on the other side of a camera and don’t do it unless I need to. Anyway, I just found Askew Taylor myself today and am charmed as well. I enjoyed reading your review and love your warm style of writing. Now where is that coffee shop?…


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