Deep in Studio Time: An Emergency Project

I feel like I’m a week behind, don’t you?

Last weekend, after talking with a new client, we realized that we had to conduct a meeting of the minds to flush out a few more ideas for our new line of leathergoods –specifically totes and bags. And the rub? We had 3 days to concept, design, and build this new piece.

Man, sometimes I’m grateful that I don’t have an active social life because when life calls for ‘deep studio time’ I’ve got the time for it. I’m also taken aback that we have the capabilities and tools to birth something so unique and beautiful.

NYC & Back Again
This week we conducted a few super secret meetings in NYC that we hope will catapult our new lifestyle brand into the lives that lust for it. Wish us luck!

ECStewart - Plum Peacock w/Swarovski Crystals Tote

Introducing Plum Peacock Leather Tote
Emphasizing the undulating calligraphic line with elements of peacock feathers, the eyes of the feathers are highlighted with genuine Swarovski Crystals. The composition has a bit of a stain glass effect that swims along the clean lines of the leather tote. Big enough to hold an Apple laptop, we’ve included a sleek outside pocket as well as a an interior pocket for your secret stash.

So what do you think of the new plum peacock tote prototype? Do you love it as much as we do? Would love to hear your thoughts.

Like the inveterate optimizer that I am, I’m always returning to the scene to make ‘enhancements’ to my work, changes if you will. Ahh, the prerogative of the artist. 😉

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13 thoughts on “Deep in Studio Time: An Emergency Project

  1. Jeanne Rhea says:

    An active social life is sometimes over-rated!
    I love it. I was wondering if it has long enough handles to use on the shoulder. When I travel with stuff, it seems I always have to have a shoulder bag and if I have to hold something in my hands, that just takes up valuable toting ability.


  2. PennyA says:

    Oooh, it’s ever so lovely!
    *but, of course, I love my choco/blueberry custom bag MORE!*
    …everything you guys come up with is WAY fab!


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