Twitter2000 Fan Contest

Where oh where did this week go?

I learned this week that the rate of accidents rises sharply after ‘the time change’ and I guess I’m no exception to the rule. No, thankfully I didn’t injure myself but it sure seemed like such a sluggish week. Andrew claims it’s the trees and the pollen and I’m content w/blaming Father Time.

The Rise of Twitter
Meanwhile, I noticed that my Twitter Account was rising sharply, too. Hmm… Currently, I had 1993 followers and thought, geez, shouldn’t be that hard to get 8 more, right?

I’ve read about Twitter follower contests and while I’ve run a few contests on Twitter myself, I decided to run a contest to earn more followers the correct way: Inspire your current followers to RT (retweet) your message and earn the opportunity to score a free print rather than announce ‘Follower #2000″will earn a free print.’ That’s not fair, is it? Additionally, those that follow due to this contest RT get included as they RT the message again. Ingenious, huh?

I thought so…

Actual Results
Well, what I learned is that I actually lost followers from Twitter! Moreover, I earned more followers on my Facebook Fan Page. I do have my Fan page connected to my Twitter account so that it’s an easier push to get to my fan base, but never did I imagine these results. Always interesting…

Contest Results

I have to thank the four fans who did RT the contest message and I wholeheartedly thank them for their gracious enthusiasm. They are:


The winner in this order is: @niellemc. Congrats, Nielle!!
Please choose your free unframed print from the CalligraphyPets Classic Black & White art! Cats, Dogs, Pets, Chinese Zodiac, and Woodland Creatures are there for the pickin!

Lori, Giesla, & RustyDawg have earned themselves a “Buy One, Get One Free” print from the same CalligraphyPets Classic Black & White art

Thank you guys for showing your support for this silly contest. I hope you had fun!


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