Studio Sneak Peek: CalligraphyCats Throw Blanket

Thrown for a loop I was upon receiving this gorgeous cat toss woven throw in the mail last week.
Sneak Peek: CalligraphyCats Woven Throw

The next evening, I realized when snuggling on the new sofa with MAndrew (oops! I’ll have to tell you about the lust seat!) I needed to enjoy my new sample woven throw. As I pattered back into the great room with bare feet and throw in arm, the cats followed like rats to the Pied Piper. Each of them took their turn hanging on ‘mama’s’ lap until they felt they had distributed their scent long enough -or until I felt they had overextended my hamstrings!!

The expansive throw covers both MAndrew and myself comfortably (until he makes a sweeping gesture throwing his side back over on me -then I get double!!) including a cat on the edge. Believe me, when you’ve got a cat on the edge, don’t do anything to alarm him! >^..^<

Chardonnay on CalligraphyCats Woven Throw
The four six cats showcased on the first throw are: Pouncer, Bouncer, Chaser, Lay, Beggeth & Purreth and are all tossed in a random fashion along with my kanji and balls of yarn peppered through-out. The black suede die-cut pillow is currently available in our store.

Can’t wait to share this new beautiful throw with you, too. Order deets coming soon!

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9 thoughts on “Studio Sneak Peek: CalligraphyCats Throw Blanket

  1. kinkstar says:

    This pattern is so lovely! It’s striking and abstract, but those of us who know your style, recognize your catZ instantly. I predict a sell-out!


  2. Christine says:


    This is fabulous! Can’t wait until I can order one for myself (and our three kitties) and for my Mom (who has four furballs of her own who would love to try it out as well).

    Please let us know when it will be available to purchase. Thank you.

    Christine Petro Fell


    • creativegoddess says:

      Yay Christine! So happy you love it, too! I will let my partners know they need to hustle! I’m getting goosebumps just thinking about how wonderful this product is!



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