Fashion Plate Friday: Cultural Nomad

I’ve been virtually shopping this week and assembled a personal fashion plate just for you!

I thought it would be fun to construct a fantasy collage on Polyvore with the pieces we make in the studio and other fashionable accessories one can find in the World. It was a blast to build this vignette except it took me awhile to go shopping and find the components I thought fit well together. Since I find myself too busy to go shopping (I’d rather be designing), I felt pangs of guilt doing this but then thought this might be a grand way of showing you bits of my inspiration on why these pieces were developed in the first place.

Fashion Plate Example: Cultural Nomad
For example, my Cultural Nomad was based on folk music. She’s hip, sophisticated, and savvy about the World around her and her only enjoyment is writing music. I can create a sophisticated theater enthusiast with the same pieces…

Your Fashion Type
What do you think? Would you like to see more personality types identified with our accessories? If so, I’ve created a quick Q&A to help you help me. To begin, choose one question from below and tell me one thing about you by answering that one question (can be more if you like) and I’ll develop a fashion plate.

Let’s start!! What is…

  • Your favorite past-time? (Movies, rock concert, zoo, poetry reading, travelling, dining, picnics…)
  • Your favorite music type? (Jazz, Classical, Soft Rock, Folk, New Age, 70’s, 80’s…)
  • Your favorite type of food? (Classic American, Chinese, Sushi, Italian, Mexican, Indian, Korean…)
  • Your favorite type of book? (Romance, Classic Lit, Poetry, Graphic Novel, Biography…)
  • Your favorite type of movie? (Romantic Comedy, Documentary, Sci-Fi, Thriller, Epic…)
  • Your favorite place? (City, Mountains, Beach…)

I can’t wait to see your answers!! It would be so much fun to create Fashion Plate Friday, wouldn’t it!!

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