One Step Fix to Clarify Your Content

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To clarify your menu options on your Web site, take care to replace unneeded phrases like “click here” and “learn more” with specific trigger words that are hyperlinked.

Your Web site (blog, microblogs, et al) is a place and we understand the essence of what it means to surf through the Internet. One can jump from page to page via hyperlinks, watch movies by clicking, and more. Repeating these redundancies can, in effect, insult your customer. Keep in mind that your customer already knows what she wants when she enters your Web site, the key is to allow her to walk through the doors with efficiency and ease.

The solution is to blend your hyperlinks into your writing style so that the reader knows that link is important. Save the call out for a postscript beneath your summary. Here are just a few examples of what you might have now and how to make it better:

Example 1: You’re authoring a blog entry for cat behavior

Example 2: You’re authoring a blog entry for healthy eating habits

Example 3: You’re authoring a blog entry for wedding floral arrangements

  • Current: See beautiful DIY flower arrangements here.
    Could Be: As Jeff Leatham of The Knot films behind the scenes of the Summer Issue, his mantra is to begin with the vase first, flower second. One would think flowers set the scene, but vases are the most important fixture as they set the height of the scene. Is the flower arrangement to be a centerpiece for a table surrounded by seated people? If so, one might consider an extremely tall clear vase to allow a peek through or a tiny frog with a single stem orchid for zen lightness. Both options as well as inventive and unexpected centerpieces avail themselves to livelier conversation.

Expanding your thoughts from a one sentence quickie into an informative observation will provide your customer with a reason to return again. Leave some comments below and let me know how this demonstration has made an impact on your readership success.

P.S. Remember to remove and replace your links by blending with high quality content. If you would like Lisa to audit your collateral for branding cohesiveness, please contact her.

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3 thoughts on “One Step Fix to Clarify Your Content

  1. Debbie Wood says:

    Hey Lisa, great post you did here. I think old school used to say that things like “click here” and “Learn more” were attractors to get people to click, but I don’t this that works any more.

    Now, when I’m clicking around I like to see what I’m being taken to. Great advice. Thanks!


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