ECStewart Meets Libby Gill in NYC

It’s been a whirlwind of a Spring! We’ve been so busy in studio that we haven’t had a chance to reveal the good stuff!!

We had an extraordinary opportunity to meet with the media and some phenomenal women this Spring in NYC.  We had a chance to listen to a few trailblazers who have made their first million and incite us to do the same.

  • Poppy King, an industrious teen that started her lipstick line at 18.
  • Taryn Rose, An orthopedic surgeon turned shoe designer, Rose married fashion and function in 1999 and changed the footwear industry forever.
  • Marta Tracy, works with TV and Media Companies as a specialist in talent and development.
  • Lisa Price, the creator of Carol’s Daughter, a complete line of hair and body care products
  • Allison Slater Ray, Vice President of Retail Marketing for Sephora,
  • Libby Gill, the branding brain behind the launch of the Dr. Phil Show.

I feel like after the economic dropout of the last 2 years and the reinvention of our business, that I may get to where I want to be in another 10 years. Sometimes the thought of it sounds really daunting, but I believe were on the right track now.

((Deep breath.))

Have I mentioned Libby Gill? She loved our bag so much that she used it for demonstration and wants one of her own!! Here’s what she had to say:

Dear Lisa,

How do I begin to thank you for the AMAZING tote bag you lent me at the Savor event in New York City. To say that the tote stole the show is an understatement! I think every woman in the audience stopped to admire it and fashion it for a second or two — it was the perfect size and perfect statement on class and chic for any powerful, professional woman entrepreneur. ~Libby Gill

I’ll let you know soon which one she chooses!

I also snagged her very last autographed book “You Unstuck” and it’s a great read. She’s done a great job of laying out the book by talking about theory then addressing it through application –something we all busy entrepreneurs need. You Unstuck also has all sorts of tools throughout the chapters to assist in the application aspect. I’ll do a proper book review in a few weeks. If I’m not completely nutters, I’ll attempt a video review.

Call me crazy!

Dear Camera,

Why is it when I depend on you at a very critical moment in time, you rarely oblige? You know how much I dread the majority of photos taken of me and this was actually a cute one. Sure blame Mr. Lighting, but all I’m asking for is a little compensation -I promise I won’t laugh.

Uncomfortably Yours,

Here’s a sneak peek of our new Marrakech Cat Italian Leather Totes from our new WestVillage Collections

Stay tuned for more surprises from us because we have many more in store for you!

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