ECStewart Designs Debut at NYC Trunkshow

Announcing: A trunkshow in New York City!!!

We had a fun time ‘Officially’ introducing our new INKLInes collections at Gallery Vercon in the East Village. It was a beautiful day in the city –almost too beautiful to be inside.

This gave us a chance to talk to customers who were interested in independent designers innovating unique stylish wearable art. We even developed a new product based on a discussion we had with a new enthusiast!!

Playing Pretend Shopkeep. How much fun would it be to run a shop in NYC –seriously?

EastSide Crossover Leather Totes -Functional Style. I so love these!!

Midtown Mobile Phone Totes -Virtual Arm Candy!!

Chelsea Cosmetic Bags -More Arm Candy, Girls!

Liberty Italian Leather Laptop -Sleek Solution for Geekanistas!

INKLines Papergoods!

We’ve got a running poll about envelopes –tell us what you think!

INKLines Journals!

Stay tuned for more surprises from us because we have many more in store for you!

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