ArtHeroesRadio: Lisa Speaks on How to Host a Successful Trunkshow

After I launched a brief a few weeks ago on how to launch a successful trunkshow, I was invited by by my Twitter bud, John T Unger, a fellow creative pyromaniac, to talk on his Art Heroes Radio Channel. I readily accepted and we’re scheduled to hold our chat, Thursday, June 3, 2010. While it’ll be pre-recorded talk (he doesn’t trust my raw language), I believe you’ll be able to hear it after 9pmEST that day.

Here’s a bit of the synopsis to get you sitting on the edge of your seats… ready?

The appeal of trunk shows for art buyers is that they are an event, an exclusive preview of work before it is made available to the general public. EC (Lisa) Stewart describes trunk shows as “a party with an opportunity to sell art.” In her Trunkshow Manifesto, she has created a strategy and implementation guide that you can use to make it easy for venues to say “yes” to your proposal.

In this episode Lisa and I will discuss the following points:

1. What is a trunkshow?
2. Why choose a trunkshow?
3. What type of venue is best for a trunkshow?
4. How do galleries select designers?
5. What kinds of products are best for a trunkshow?
6. Do trunkshows have themes?
7. Is there a best time (season, holiday, day) to host a trunkshow?
8. Do you have to think about a marketing campaign for the trunkshow?
9. Do you create an invitation list?
10. When do you begin installing the art or featuring products in the gallery?
11. Should the artist/designer be present at the show?
12. How much product should an artist expect to sell?

Join us! Join us! Join us!
Art Heroes Radio
Thursday, June 3
9pm EST (it’s a recording Madam, so you can listen anytime after 9pm)

Announcement: Coming Soon…
Oh, and I’m launching a new eBook for galleries and artists: Planning a Successful Trunkshow – Success Guide & Workbook

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4 thoughts on “ArtHeroesRadio: Lisa Speaks on How to Host a Successful Trunkshow

  1. John T Unger says:

    Hey Lisa—

    Just for the record, I totally trust your raw language. Even though pre-recorded the show won’t be edited.

    I’ve switched to pre-recording the shows because it makes scheduling guests much easier given different time zones and work schedules. Also because there was a conflict with having two feeds for the show in iTunes.

    Looking forward to this episode!



  2. Madam says:

    Lisa : Really enjoyed your conversation with John Unger!!!Yes, We did get it on Friday, as you know 9PM is past our bedtime!!!


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