ECStewart in Motion Pictures

We’re in the movies! We’re in the movies!! and it began with an email. Yay! Okay, a little more happened before that email arrived, but our new Mankolam Paisley personal leather accessories will seen the big screen as USC!!

((deep breath))

We discovered how thrilling and expedient one needs to be when called upon to deliver fine art and personal accessories for movie casting! Can I just say that networking helps, a lot!

A USC project: SuperEgos
Written by: Karl Williams
Director: Ashley Maria
Actress: Uncredited due to Manager Not Understanding Brand Management 101

When talking with Ashley about the movie and her accessorizing requirements, I learned that couldn’t have crafted a better storyline for my pieces:

A comedy
About Super Heros (ergo, Egos)
Accessorizing an Invisible Woman
Named Shimmer (awe-some!)

How much fun does that sound?

(Bet you didn’t know that I used to play lasertag and my name was Spectra Girl, but that’s another story. Shimmer… SpectraGirl… no connection? *sigh*)

Ashley describes the storyline:

It is a short film about Gil, a published therapist, and his assignment to work with a group of super heroes and their feelings. Needless to say, it’s a comedy!

Lisa’s accessories were worn by “Shimmer,” the only female super hero in this group of men with the power of invisibility. I thought to myself, “how can this super hero be chic when we actually get to see her?” Luckily she is visible for most of the scene – minus a mishap in the beginning of the therapy session…

It began with an email and it continues with a relationship. Now, I can’t wait to see the film! Ashley tells me that sometime she’ll send me a clip of the movie -so I’ll see what I can do to upload it here.

Thank you, Miss Uncredited! You look stunning (with or without my accessories)
Thank you, Ashley! You rock!

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11 thoughts on “ECStewart in Motion Pictures

  1. Stacie says:

    Just found your blog and your incredible line of products. I don’t often get excited about ‘things’, but my heart quickened when I saw your line of products. Looking forward to learning more about your business, your philosophy and watching you grow. Thank you for putting it “out there”.


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