2 thoughts on “Bacchus & the Land of the Ice Cubes

  1. KinKStar says:

    IF ever I put ice cubes out, NO ONE was interested, so I don’t do it anymore to wet the floor. If they’re in my glass though, then at least 3 in my clutter of 9 cats has to come by to check it out, and probably stick their fuzzy face in to have a sip. CraZy CatZ! Gotta love ’em!


    • creativegoddess says:

      So true! For a long time, I’d put out a bowl of ice cubes for Bacchus and he engaged pretty quickly. Now he just gives me the “Wha?” look.

      I akin that metaphor to a nudist colony. Once you see a naked people, interest wanes pretty quickly. Once a woman puts her shirt on, then people are interested in taking a sneak peek.

      I guess it’s all about the packaging. 🙂


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