Introducing: INDIECreatives

Do you have a degree in fine arts? Perhaps you want to learn how to translate your artistic passion into a sustainable career as a working artist?

As an artist and design entrepreneur with 25 years of design experience, I’ve created a site exclusively to help fine artists navigate the new economy and leverage unactualized opportunities for their small business brand: INDIECreatives

The best way to predict your future is to create it. ~Abe Lincoln

I don’t have a business degree and have struggled to find the right ways to make a profit building an empire I love. With all of the marketing and business books I’ve consumed, one would think this serial entrepreneur would have an MBA by now! My entrepreneurial instincts took over at a young age when I designed my first set of greeting cards and ran a fruit and vegetable stand.

Walking down Miracle Mile in Chicago look for a job straight out of college, I couldn’t understand why so many artists with portfolios were flooding the street at 10:30am! Welcome to Black Monday.

So, my first recession in the late 80’s was spent freelancing as an illustrator and learning other creatives fields by working as a contractor/temporary employee in interior design, decorating and organizing the home. In my free time, I fostered my creative aptitude through creating food as art gifts. To this day, I can still make a mean truffle in a gorgeous marbleized box. Although many an art director compliment my portfolio, I was disheartened time and again while competing against 100 other artists for one job (and lost due to lack of experience) or that the movement from ‘on the board’ to ‘computer’ was offered just after graduation.

Following 2 more recessions and the economic plummet of a lifetime, I now understand why I had to hold the various jobs and thoroughly appreciate the positions I held were merely a stepping stone to cultivating the entire package that I am today. Many lessons learned through the partnerships of service, product, and understanding the customer are my advantage and a key to a rich business acumen. My awareness of product trends to forecasting economic downfall is part of my sixth sense influence, making my business agile in the face of adversity.

My passion is to guide you along the way and hope you’ll learn from my lessons.

Do you want to Cultivate Your Creative Independence? Let’s get started!

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