Weekly RoundUp: Cool Findings

I decided to create a weekly roundup of things I’ve found over the course of the week.

Want to amaze your friends at the next holiday gathering? Party tricks and home remedies will have you the center of attention in no time! Plus we’ve peppered in a few (mostly green) factoids to make you sound smart, too. Sometimes a girl just needs a party trick to gain popularity.

Included you’ll find:

  • How to Open a Bottle of Wine with a Shoe
  • Dairy Diary Realizations
  • Old World Recipes, New World Charm
  • Two great things about coffee
  • Sharing Green

Have a great weekend, y’all!

How to Open a Bottle of Wine with a Shoe
Ever find yourself travelling without a corkscrew? Some idiot at the airlines found ours, pulled it out and told us that the reason was because of the tiny knife. Really? I’d like to see you try to use that on me, moron. I smirked thinking of Geico’s Tiny House Commercial. I guess the thought of the criminally insane pose of the corkscrew jetting out between the fingers escaped him. But what do I know?

Meanwhile, we don’t have to put up with permanent installations of airport idiots any longer because… we’ve got the trusty shoe. The guy demonstrating speaks French (bonus points if you understand) but the video says it all. For those of you who don’t wear shoes, I’m sure you can find a few on the x-ray belt in airport security.

The Scourge of Gen X Aging
As I hit middle ground, I was told that because I had oily skin I wouldn’t have wrinkles. Not true people, not true. This scobbit (scottish hobbit) is plagued with all kinds of skin maladies, I just hope skin cancer doesn’t become one of them. Rosacea is definitely my foe and while I don’t smoke or sun worship, I’m still finding rough skin patches aggravating and now coupled with more than mild wrinkles under my eyes extremely vexing.

On a normal day, I wouldn’t care too much about my fine lines, but now that I’m determined to stiffen my spine and commit more to vlogging, I want to look the best I can be. I eat well and exercise regularly, why isn’t my skins showing signs of benefit?

Just how many beauty products must a girl go through to find her secret formula, I ask you? Now that we’re growing awareness to parabens, petroleum jelly, Propylene Glycol, Diethanolamine (DEA), Triethanolamine (TEA) and so much more, I can’t keep anything straight. My friend Angela has a list of ingredients not to include in your daily regimen.

Simply: If you can’t eat it, you shouldn’t wear it.

Old World Beauty Secrets, New World Charm
I found a book of home remedies written by an esthetician to the stars who uses natural ingredients found in one’s home for self-applied treatments. Recently, I learned that most of what goes into the high-priced formulas found a department stores are the same found in drug stores; we all knew that but now I’m ready to listen. After finding this book, I decided to put my frugalista at work and try one of the recipes listen in the review: coffee scrub. I’ll need to try it again as I believe I may have to run the grounds thru the food processor again to reduce the size of the particles. Yeouch!

I can’t wait to get this book! I’ll share my review with you, too.

More DIY Cosmetics & Bath Products
Veria: I found this site on how to make one’s own cosmetics while looking for site design inspiration.
MakeupNoteBook.com How to Make EyeShadow & More while seeking out how to make my own lip balm -my personal must have!
Rachel’s Supply: Bottles & containers for those who take making their own personal cosmetics to market.

SideNote: My Dairy Diary
Can I just say how thrilled I am that I discovered removing dairy of any kind has completely eliminated pimples of every size and those nasty boils that make me feel like an ogre? Seriously.

When Andrew and I went on our honeymoon to the Britain/Scotland/Germany back in 2007, I asserted aloud that I wouldn’t be partaking in any kind of dairy. Since I didn’t know what the food regulations were and I didn’t want to take any chances (of the lower GI kind), I would hedge any potential disasters. At that time, I had stopped drinking any milk, but using low-fat 1/2 & 1/2 for my coffee consistently –even this was eliminated from my routine.

Voila! After 3 weeks without it, my skin was as clear as a baby’s butt. No kidding. I still eat eggs (they’re not pasteurized like milk) and limit my cheese intake to 1x a week and my skin looks great. Many years ago in college I drank copious amounts of milk (for my hot chocolate) and also visited the dermatologist. The interesting thing was this: He prescribed Tetracycline for my acne and the drug states ‘not to drink milk with this medication.’ So, after reducing my intake of milk, my acne severity dropped too.

Coincidence? Was this the pharmacists’ way of telling acne victims to ween themselves from milk & dairy? Probably not, but I wish someone told me this 25 years ago.

More Dairy Damaging Evidence I learned many years ago that dairy slows the synapse process when learning anything knew -or even recalling a memory or fact (caffeine increases the rate of short-term synaptic response, eating healthy increases rate over long-term). My personal mantra: Dairy make you dumb. And any failure to recall anything at this point I’ll just blame on my MIL’s cheesecake from ’06 –everyone needs a scape goat! ;D

Sharing Green
I thought of this idea a few years ago and a few people thought I was crazy. How many times do you ask your neighbor if you can borrow… A cup of sugar, his nailgun, a pair of goats? NeighborGoods has found a way to bring neighbors together by matching up needs (have vs want) and IMO, this is a splendid idea of culling redundancy and maximizing space.

I’ve just enrolled!!


I’m waiting for our community hydroponic garden.

Enjoy your nice long weekend -it’s supposed to be cooler down here in the SE.

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