Cats on Ladders

While I was going through Flickr to find their icon, I found this on their blog: Cats on Ladders.

By Neva in 2010

I remember as a kid, I had positioned a ladder outside my window (no, I didn’t plan on escaping -we lived in Podunk MI, where the hell was I going?) because we were working on the chimney. I happened to spy one of our pussycats wandering around the base of the ladder trying to figure it out -so I encouraged him to climb up.

In hindsight, that was probably a bad idea.
Climbing the kitty ladder.
By steev_bee

When you’re looking for a new angle -specially for composition- you never know when inspiration will strike. Take this link Cats on Ladders to see the Flickr Gallery curated by tropicalart77 for your personal muse.


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