Studio Experiment: Personalized Phone Tote

As creatives and professional gifters, we decided to have a bit of fun. We were invited to a wedding through Andrew’s former colleagues and thought to ourselves, “What could we give them that they couldn’t regift?”

I know! Let’s try our hand with personalizing a piece or two from our new line!

These pieces were inspired from our Midtown Mobile iPhone Wristlet series. To make a his and hers Midtown Mobile Phone Tote, we decided to exchange the image ratio appropriately.

For Beth, we jazzed up the imagery a bit by coupling the large leaf motif with tiny leaves that continue at the bottom and wrap around to the back. (Unfortunately, we were so rushed that we didn’t think about photographing the back! Psfth!) We also decided to personalize her piece by framing her name within an inorganic shape often found from the Aesthetic Period at the beginning of the century. Beth also gets a wristlet for handsfree fun as well as a carabiner clip to snap onto her purse, waterbottle, bike, or any other stationary device.

For him, we applied a more masculine approach to our design by alternating it with black Italian leather and a hint of leaf image to match Beth’s. We also stamped it with the classic Lisa kanji on the front to add a bit of embedded branding to the piece. He also gets the carabiner clip for security.

We haven’t heard from them yet as to whether they like them (it’s not the thank you card I’m waiting for, it’s the major ego stroke that every artist needs!) and thought in hindsight that we should have made them open them before they left on their honeymoon. Ah well.

Would you be interested in a personalized phone tote? Let me know!

PS. I would have posted these sooner but I misplaced the photos -naturally, they were on my other machine.

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