Designer Wears Prada

It’s de rigeuer for us to walk off the beaten path and away from the tourist sections of Manhattan -only to enjoy the authenticity of the city. We usually play rock paper scissors to choose which neighborhood we’re going to explore. This time, it was SOHO and Greenwich village. Comfy walking shoes and we’re off to spot some trends and eye some unlikely treasures.

Mainly, it’s about the food for us. Mom & Pop shops that have been around for years with extraordinary food at extraordinary prices. We used to go down to visit museums and wander, but it seems we’re on a bit of a mission now that we’re fully immersed in designing accessories. As we walked down Prince St to Broadway, we found a few of our favorite gawking stores:

  • The Coach Flagship Store where they have all kinds of experimental pieces they test.
  • Swatch Watch Store where I found my favorite timepiece many years ago: BunnySutra
  • Prada: A Gawkers Paradise. They won’t let us take photos in the store which is really too bad. A few years back they had a travelling twirling dress installation that was positioned in all of the windows. You guessed it, twirlling dresses with the skirts fanned out like umbrellas. It was a fun spectacle to behold.

Take the link to Prada: and explore the slideshow they have available. Please return when you have. I’ll sing off key while I await your return…

You’re back? Good! Did you take note of the white shelving? It’s located in the lower level but you wouldn’t know that. There are rooms and rooms of them on tracking. Each movable room features a color or a series -the simplicity is awe inspiring. We run past the banana yellow -the color just screams at us when we approach it. The red room, black room, mirrored… it’s a carnival for adults. The idea is to keep your hands to yourself because I know I certainly don’t want to play by the ‘Pottery Barn Rules’ -g’friend ain’t got that kinda cash laying around, know what I mean?

Well, we found ourselves in the clearance closet -who know such a thing existed? Hats! Lots and lotsa hats! Growing up in the MidWest, it was imperative to wear hats (at least 80% of our hot air goes out top of the melon!). Oh, I’m jumping off the deep end here: You know that Irish greeting “Top o’the mornin’ to ya?” followed by “And the rest of the day to you?” How about we have fun with that Beauty and the Geek style:

“Top o’the melon to ya!” says the beauty (as she refers to his intellect)
“And the rest of the bod to you!” says the Geek. (really? do I need to say it?)

Hahahaha. I crack myself up.

Anyhow, when we entered the shallow closet filled with mirrors, I found my melon beauty: a $600 die-cut leather fedora. That was a perfect fit –and I can never find hats that fit this big melon. We enjoyed ourselves playing OperationSneek because random try-ons are discouraged. When I find hats, my 12 year old shows up and nothing gets in the way of this precocious fashionista.

While I continue to lament that I have neither the money nor the youthful jawline I once possessed, I can for whatever reason, still don a hat. Yay me! We returned the leather fedora to it’s position and quietly walked away. As we were ascending the famous staircase to return to the street, I quietly gave Andrew the camera and said “Let’s go back! If nothing else, I want a photo but we have to shake the security guards before we can commence with the photoshoot.” We had to use the iPhone because it’s less conspicuous than pulling out a camera and announcing to the world that you’re getting your filthy DNA all over their product.

Hence, the blurriness.

Sorry world, I’ll take this accidental misty photo that blurs my jawline anyday!

Up Next: Designer Wears Fedora. It’s true!

Where have you played OperationSneek?

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