All Decked Out

It was a long and hot Summer. Too hot to get anything done outside. North Carolina spent most of the temperature above 90* and we began to feel the effects of cabin fever.

We had agreed with the couple who cleans our house every couple of week that they could powerwash our deck and house earlier this year but only when the temperatures dropped. Unlike the rest of their clients, I actually care about their health in environmental conditions. Finally, in Hot-tober, we were finally reach a common date that worked for all three parties involved: Them, Us, & Mother Freakin Nature.

So this weekend, Andrew took some time off from sewing to assist them. Yay!!

Enjoyment At Last
We finally had an opportunity to enjoy ourselves on our own deck last night. Somewhere from the neighborhood a radio was blasting as we brought our glasses of wine out to the table. The song “Fooled Around and Fell in Love” was playing in the distance and suddenly we were dancing. It was so peaceful to sway to a little music alone.

Until the next morning…

Chardonnay decided to scream his little head off, insisting that he examine the deck after brunch.

Dancing for Daddy

Apparently on a mission…

Enjoying the deck after brunch.

In a week or so, we’ll apply a tinted water sealer to the wood turning it a gorgeous honey. I’d love to string some lights over the deck to create a festive atmosphere.

Who wants to join us for wine on the deck??


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