From the Studio: New Inventions

New Inventions
We have been inventing new products in the workshop, I’m happy to say.

We’ve just created a sleek new single-sided Mobile iPhone tote for polished professionals -you, too, guys! Soft, supple Italian Leather featuring my kanji mark, this keeps your phone handy as you snap it in your gym bag, your tech bag, or tuck your phone & subway pass take Fido for that much needed walk.

I just discovered as I hang my keys from it, that it keeps my phone safely nearby. Please don’t take this as a hint to talk n’drive (Mythbusters proved that texting is more dangerous than drunkdriving) but this satisfies the inner-paranoid: should I ever get into an accident, my phone won’t be thrown under the backseat. It will be within hands reach.

Do you know any dog walkers, entrepreneurs, gym rats, or golfers? We’d love for you to share this with them.

It’s not a budget buster, either. Under $30, this inventive accessory makes a great gift.

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