Carpe a Segway

Have you ever taken a ride on a Segway? My friend Brett called, well, actually his wife called me Saturday night with an invitation. One of us needed to join Brett because the rest their friends either had kids or other priorities (aka sleeping in on a Sunday morning) and couldn’t make it. I’m so happy they did!!

As I watch the blue dot blink on the iPad sitting on my lap, Andrew asks if our vehicle, represented by the blinking blue dot is staying true to the GPS.

Yep. Sure looks like it.

We’re headed to a party and it’s quarter after 6. We’ve dumped the printed instructions to watch ourselves blink along a blue trail called Crapital blvd –because it’s cool– and in real time. This is really better than trying to keep a cabin light on in the car, struggle with an oversized map, and try to read street signs that magically appear as you zoom by them.

“Man this is cool! What could be more awesome than this? I love living in the Jetson age.” Suddenly my iPhone vibrates inside my phone case. “Hmm… who could this be?” I pull it out to see a friend’s name.

“Sharon! What are you doin?”
“Hey! What are you doing tomorrow morning?”
“Tomorrow morning? Aw man, you’re not calling me to go to church are you?” I knew she wasn’t because she’s Jewish.

“Um, no. Brett has a gift certificate for a Raleigh City tour riding Segways tomorrow -he wants to know if Andrew would like to join him?”

“Oh, cool.” Over the phone, I recite Sharon’s query,
“Andrew! Brett’s got a gift certificate to ride Segways tomorrow and he wants to know if you’d like to join him.”

“What time?”
“What time?” I ask Sharon.
“9:30. 10am begins the tour but you need to show up for training.”
“9:30” I say to Andrew.
“Oh, man. Sounds like fun but my back’s been twingy all week.” I immediately acknowledged his plight once he said that and felt guilty saying no to Sharon and Brett.

“Oh, Sharon, it doesn’t look like he can make it. His back’s been twingy all week from sewing.”

“What about you? Can you go?”
“Me? Really? Um…”
“Brett says you’re fun people and if Andrew can’t go, perhaps you could go with Brett?”

I look at Andrew over my hand holding the phone briefly and decide. “Yes! I’ll go! ”

OMG. What have I just done?

It was decided that I would meet up with Brett the following morning -early- as in get my ass out of bed, shower, and dress for cold weather –very cold weather.

“You just ditched me!” Andrew mockingly jokes as I press the ‘end call button’ on my iphone.

“I didn’t ditch you!”
“You did! You just ditched me!”
“Dude! It’s to ride a Segway!”
“You ditched me!”
“Yah, but It’s a Segway!” as I channel Pete from Warehouse 13.

The next morning, I meet Brett at the front of the building and we walk in together. After signing a waiver, we hang out waiting for the rest of the group to appear… I tell him I have a camera…

That was a very fun way to spend an unplanned morning. Cold or not, I did not want to get off that cool little machine.

TIPS for Your Segway Experience

  • It’s much like riding a horse or snow skiing.
  • The machine balances you, not the other way around.
  • You lean into it to go forward, and pull back on the handles to stop -much like gripping the reins on a horse. Unlike a horse, you’re not going to fall off that easily.
  • The top speed is 10mph. The mechanisms in this vehicle will slow you down and rear up, but you won’t fall off.
  • Ostensibly, there’s a speedometer on the dash. 🙂 My Segway reared once or twice on me with the chill screaming in my ear!
  • Your feet may cramp during the session, so the instructor shows you how to stretch them without taking your foot off the board.
  • If you go when it’s cold, bring a hat. I brought a fedora but I would have crushed it unrecognizably if I had forced it to conform to the helmet. I’d recommend a skull cap.
  • The guys at Triangle Segway were very good, patient instructors.
  • Be sure to carry some cash, a gratuity at the end of the tour is always nice.

Triangle Segway | Web SiteFaceBook Page
Tours range from $40 – $65 for an hour or so.

When I was reviewing the tour options, I found Raleigh Romances. I looked at Brett, “Man, I’m glad we’re not going on that tour! That would have been awkward!” We both cracked up.

That’s all! Have fun! I would love to hear your experience.

Happy Holidays!

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