Wool You Be Mine? An ETSY Treasury

I’m thrilled that ETSY has now allowed ‘the rest of us’ to enjoy a little time composing our own product treasuries. That used to be a bonbon event for those who had more time than the rest of us. It used to be that you would compose your treasury and hope that you made it under the deadline, if not, ka-blooey!! Gone like the wind.

Now, we can create, save, edit on our own schedule. That I love. It also gives me time to reflect, enjoy, and make friends with those dedicated to building their businesses with authentic designs and craftsmanship.

I was feeling a little chilly last week and wanted to assemble a treasury filled with comfy warmth. Growing up in the North, I always turned to my trusty hand-selected sweaters to brighten the gloomy days of winter. Along with adorable animals, coats, scarves and objects, I love filling my sights with autumnal colors to fill my senses.

Wool You Be Mine?

I included a few of my recent favorites along with some new favorite finds. Who wouldn’t love to be a gypsy with this folklore elf carousel coat by katwise?

I love the sexy, sculpted style nature of these tops

The only way to feel absolutely at home is with a sweet, chop licking pet. The one item that I absolutely love is this little recycled monster by sweetpoppycat. Who doesn’t love monsters? Unfortunately, someone bought him as soon as I created the treasury so I will never have the chance to love him personally. I’m sure he’ll be in a good home.

The bunny is absolutely adorable and the owl is well done.

Do check out the other shops as well. I’d buy all of these handcrafted lovelies if my wallet could afford it.

Your personal trendspotter,

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