Meet Monty Monster

OMG! This is too funny! Look who I received as an early anniversary gift!

This adorable recycled monster is handcrafted by sweetpoppycat. She has many, many more monsters to choose from. I thought he was exceptional because of his stripey resemblance to tabby cats. Speaking of chop licking tabbies…

Read the Back Story & How to Introduce a Monster

Back Story
Earlier this week, I was sorting through a number of color ways to take advantage of the ETSY treasuries. When I happened up this handcrafted wool monster, I turned the laptop to show him, “Isn’t heee cuuuuuute!” In my most adoring Carol Burnett voice. Within minutes, I noticed he was sold.


I guess this adorable monster was never meant to be mine. I was sure he’d find a good home.

Two Days Later
When I was finishing up on this treasury, Andrew walked into my office. As I was placing the monster as a single image, I blurted, “Did you buy him for me?”

“Dude! Really! You bought him for me?
“Ugh. I didn’t mean to say yes.”
“You could have said no!”
“It was supposed to be a surprise!”
“It still is!… You really bought him! You’re kidding right?”
“No, I bought him.”

Smooches and hugs ensue.

Introducing Monsters into their New Habitat
If you have fuzzy monsters as we do, it’s best to make sure the introduction is a slow and reassuring meeting. Playing with the monster is a good sign, chewing on the monster is forbidden.

The Boyz Get Introduced to Monty
Chardonnay and Bacchus get up close and personal.

Monty watch Bacchus and Cheshire square up for the hierarchy cage match.

Monty reads up on a bit of his ancestry.

As a follow up, I have penned the following rules:

Monster Bar Rules
Ye shall not spit at other monsters
Ye shall not piss on other monsters
Ye shall not fight with other monsters
Ye shall not covet other monsters
Ye shall not drag monsters around by their tails
Ye shall not squeeze, pull, or yank stuffing from other monsters
“Ye shall not get up on the bookshelf and make the other monsters plunge to their deaths and then claim it was suicide”.~Amy Flynn

I think that covers it. Can you think of any more?

Oh, and isn’t Monty just adorable? He actually spends time hiding up high in my studio bookshelves away from prying Monster eyes. Oh they’ve come to sniff and tap his foot, but that’s about it; I think the tension has subsided.

Come by and meet Monty, he loves new cuddles!

3 thoughts on “Meet Monty Monster

  1. artgirlraleigh says:

    You forgot “ye shall not get up on the bookshelf and make the other monsters plunge to their deaths and then claim it was suicide”.

    Too funny–I stumbled on this artist quite by accident and bought one of her monsters for a friend for Christmas. No, it wasn’t you. Sorry.


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