What I’m Wearing to the NICHE Ceremony

Our new season is taking off like a jet and I feel like I’m barely holding on to the tail of the plane. Realizing that it’s mid-February and my heart surrounds Valentine’s Day (yes, I’m a romantic), I completely forgot to plan my attire for the NICHE ceremony the following weekend. As an artist and designer, I need to be mindful of my brand on a daily basis. Same goes for dresscode, “I am my brand, therefore, I must dress the brand.”

Fortunately for my career choice, I get to take advantage of fashion and get playful with my attire. A local store, SoHo has fun collections from European designers. When we walk MODA, we enjoy being the first to see new fashion trends hit the streets and always look to Desigual for fun and inspiration. At SoHo, we found a selection of skirts that we fell in love with. Since this selection was from Spain, the hostess assured us that they were cut smaller than American sizes. After I got the tight, thick large waistband across my designer hips, it fit just right. Yes, you read that right: a large.

Meanwhile, back in the workshop…
I asked Andrew if he could construct a small clutch purse for me to wear to the awards. We decided to have a bit of fun and push the boundaries of our classic design with a little boho mix and match and complementary piping.

What do you think? Do you love the wild color combination in this novelty cross-over?

Do let me know! We may just add this to our collection this year.

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