Celebrating 10 Years of Utter Silliness

“We are all a little weird and life’s a little weird, and when we find someone whose weirdness is compatible with ours, we join up with them and fall in mutual weirdness and call it love.”

10 Years ago today, Andrew and I had our first date thru Match.com at Borders Bookstore. I remember primping in the mirror before our date and someone tapped me on the back of the head and said, “Get your ass moving! This might be your soulmate!!”

I arrived 10 minutes late and jumped in the long line for coffee. Someone slipped in next to me and said, “You take better pictures than I do.” It was Andrew. What I also heard was, “I speak German.” Why in the hell did he say that? He really didn’t ‘say’ it, he thought it. So I tucked it in the back of my head knowing it would be important later.

Why Match.com?
Andrew was travelling 85% of the time for his job and I decided it was time to meet a nice guy. I was tired of all the psychos and idiots who wanted to tame me or fix me or whatever it was they wanted to do to me. Having been a temp and contractor for all of my life, I decided to take a page from the job hunting playbook: I interviewed for the boyfriend position.

I didn’t have rules, I had requirements.

We enjoyed a long talk over Mochas about micro-mosaics at the Courthauld in London, the recent archeological destruction wrought by the Taliban, pets, travelling, food, and many other topics. Andrew then asked if he could cook me dinner -of course I said yes. He about lunged from his chair with excitement, slapped both his palms on the table and asked when. We decided on a date about a week or so later when he wowed me with his decorating sense and his passion for cooking.

Our dinner time was set late because I was taking an illustration class at a nearby artstore and I agreed to bring dessert. A dark and rainy night, I knew I was in the right house when I saw that he had already set the table, complete with Bugs Bunny embroidered napkins and lobster bisque simmering on the stove. My chocolate souffles had dropped but didn’t notice due to Andrew’s penchant for creative touches. After a long night of non-stop chatter, tasting great food, a tour through his new house (he had a workshop with tools he knew how to use!), I knew I had to make this work. He was interesting.

This SiestaCat was very happy to have pursued this dating technique. If it weren’t for Match.com, I would have never met the perfect match for me.

Happy Anniversary, MANdrew! May we share more silly years together.


3 thoughts on “Celebrating 10 Years of Utter Silliness

  1. Madam says:

    That is lovely! No wonder he later told me he had a “special” friend he wanted us to meet! and were you even prepared to meet your wacky in-laws AND Andrew’s Uncle and his very special wife all at and for the first time? Even Uncle Dick who can be very picky said ” She’s a real keeper – don’t let HER go!!!!!” I could go on and on about that first meeting and all the subsequent ones, including your first introduction to ALL the CAN-A-jens!!


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