New Art: Marrakech Cats Serigraphs

I’ve been working like a dog getting ready for Artsplosure designing new products… on fabric! Meanwhile, we’ve got just a few serigraphs as a result from this weekend’s work.

What’s a pulled print you ask?
A pulled print is also known as a serigraph (or screen print) and is essentially a stenciling method. A serigraph must create a separate pattern for each color or blended color. Stencils can be cut from paper or film and adhered to the cloth (or the silkscreen) and areas can be blocked by masking to prevent paint to seep through. One to several shapes can be used to create the pattern design.

In my case, I use paper to help register the design onto the fabric that I’m printing and I started with a one color project. I want to ensure that the image is aligned with the parameters I’ve designed for the overall use and this can be a painstaking process. Because I have extra fine woven paper that I use for my CalligraphyPets prints and cards, I decided to have a bit of fun and use it. I love the softness of the metallic gold on the warm white paper. What a treat!

MarrakechCats Serigraphs

I only needed a few attempts to perfect the registration so this means I have only 3 of each available: large and small.

I’ve made these available on ETSY

What do you think? Aren’t they adorable?

Thanks so much for reading.

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