Just a little something I whipped up in the studio

A couple of weeks ago, I was contemplating great birthday gifts. Not just good, but great! Those that would defy common logic and let’s face it, blow everyone else’s gifts outta the water like an Angry Bird implodes the pigs behind concrete.

North Carolina requires a hunting & fishing license for those who enjoy that kind of recreation. Me, not so much. However, they also have a lifetime sportsman membership that saves one a ton of money if they’re avid fisherpeoples, and that makes sense. But did you know that they also gift option for newborns? If purchase before the child becomes 1, the cost is a significant savings.

So, if neither I nor my friends are into that type of recreation, what kinds of gifts can give a lifetime of enjoyment and be well received?

As a geek, it hit me: A domain name!

A Rite of Passage
So, for my niece’s birthday, I decided she should be endowed with her own corner of the universe. She should have the authority to rule her empire from a comfortable seat, don’tcha think?

So, I bought Caileigh her domain name, whipped up a little theme magic (her choice to change, of course) and announced it on her Facebook page.

I sure hope she likes it! Fingers crossed!

What extraordinary gifts have you given?
I’d love to know!!


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