National Chocolate Waffle Day

Okay, it’s not National Chocolate Waffle Day, it’s National Waffle Day. But as a fellow chocoholic, I had to include chocolate, right? Right!

You won’t believe how deliriously simple this recipe is. Girl Scouts Honor!!

Get your favorite Duncan Hines Devil’s Food quick cake mix from your grocer. (Nop, not getting royalties from this gig). We use it because it’s our favorite tasting devil’s food cake when I can’t make it from scratch. I can, but I’m too lazy on many days.

Supermodel Easy


  1. Mix up the batter
  2. Heat your griddle
  3. Pour batter on griddle
  4. Set for ~2 minutes (or until it stops steaming)
  5. Pull out to eat.

At this point, it’s up to you. Eat it straight from the griddle or doll it up anyway you’d like.

Update: You may find that it’s a bit bouncy for your taste. If you want a bit more crunch like old fashion waffles, stick it in the toaster for a few mins to give you the original texture that you love so much.

Masterpiece #1: Coffee Soy Latte Ice Cream, Chocolate Mousse, & Chocolate Waffle & Chocolate Syrup.

Masterpiece #2: Chocolate Soy Ice Cream, Chocolate Mousse, Chocolate Waffle, Chocolate Syrup.


Tell me if you’ve created your own masterpiece! Include it in the comments below and a link to your page!!

Bon appetite!!

Chocolate Faced, Lisa

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