Local Haunt: Bacchus Featured in a Ghost Story

Recently, Dan, a journalist (and friend) sent out a call to local Raleigh folk about resident ghosts. Dan asked if there were any stories we’d like to share and of course, I said yes.

I’ve grown up with ghosts and other supernatural events in Michigan as a kid. I’ve seen some really crazy stuff in my time and our family even has our own collection of superstitions. I’m not superstitious in the ‘throw salt over your left shoulder’ or ‘never walk under a ladder’ but black cats have always granted me good luck and I know for a fact that umbrellas outside are far more dangerous outside than in.

One day I’ll tell you the day I got struck by lightning.

Meanwhile, after my heart broke last fall when Bacchus went off to college, he stuck around. As in, he stuck around as a mischievous spirited pussycat.

We’ve discovered that Bacchus enjoys following Chardonnay around and attempts to initiate play. Chardonnay, on the other hand, isn’t so crazy about something tapping him from behind and pushing him off dressers. Whenever Naynay jumps on the bed to join us at night, Bacchus follows; I feel two sets of pussycats walking on me. Chardonnay continues to walk across my nightstand and lay on my day clothes tossed on the wicker chair and now I think it’s to avoid Bacchus. Bacchus will either walk across my torso (I feel his pencil paws dig thru my rib cage) or across my legs and then throw his body up against my legs to rest. These antics are all too familiar from his corporeal self and I’m glad he stuck around.

midtown-fall2012Dan’s story about Bacchus and other local spirits is featured in this issue of Midtown Magazine. This is best read late at night with the lights turned low. Don’t say I didn’t warn you!


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